Krieghoff K-80 ACS Combo

American Clay Shooting (ACS Combo), the newest K-80 model by Krieghoff, was given this name because it is truly a gun that can be used for all clay target shooting.  The K-80 ACS features the Krieghoff Floating Rib over/under barrel in 30" or 32" lengths, paired with a 34" Floating Rib unsingle barrel, both delivered with factory steel choke tubes.  Two adjustment wedges are included with the over/under barrel which allow shooters to adjust the POI from a flat 50% / 50% shooting pattern up to 70% / 30%.

From the factory, the "Pro Rib" barrel comes set with the smaller wedge installed.  By making a slight stock adjustment which changes the sight picture from "bead on bead" to a "figure eight" shooters may raise the POI to 70% / 30%, desireable for trap shooting.  The unsingle barrel comes with an adjustment wheel offering POI options from 70% / 30% to a full pattern high.

The K-80 ACS has a #6FR Monte Carlo Stock for the Floating Rib and a full range of 8 steel chokes.  The ACS can be ordered either as a 30/34 or 32/34 combo.   

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