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For many years, the manufacture and availability of high quality competition shotguns has been limited to several overseas gun makers.  The discerning clay target shooter had few choices when looking to purchase a shotgun that would withstand the rigors of clay target shooting.

This is no longer the case!

Kolar Arms of Racine, Wisconsin introduced its quality line of American-made skeet, sporting and trap shotguns in 1995, after four years of extensive reseach and testing.   Having won numerous World Skeet, National Sporting Clays and ATA Grand American titles, the Kolar shotgun has met their initial objective - to be a competitive force with the fine European shotgun manufacturers.  

The introduction of the .750 Semi-Lite factory choked barrel on all models compliments the standard weight .740 bore barrel.  Without question, both configurations are instrumental in making Kolar the softest shooting, best pointing gun available in the market today.  With the introduction of the new ramp taper rib and expanded selection of factory stock configurations, Kolar continues to make its mark in the competitive shooting community.  

From the initial concept of producing the gun, through its complete CAD design, prototype stage, and years of testing, the objective was singular.  Produce the highest quality, ultimately reliable target shotgun that money can buy.  The objective is assured by utilizing state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing and CMM quality assurance techniques.

The Kolar shotgun is available in skeet, trap, and sporting clays.

The new Kolar Max S/C features an adjustable ramp taper rib manufactured from T6-6061 aluminum. The significant advantages of this configuration are a raised head position for instant target recognition and the ability to precisely set point of impact from 50/50 to 70/30. Additionally, the rib’s lower mass allows you to get the lighter barrels on the target more quickly for a faster shot. Higher scores are sure to result!

The Max S/C stock configurations are designed to facilitate this heads up shooting position. All stocks are fitted with a standard 6-way adjustable comb. A light weight heel adjuster is optional. The result is a tailored, precise fitting stock hat promotes consistent gun mount.  The forend is the traditional Euro design. Both stock and forend are cut from high quality English walnut.

The standard barrels on the Max S/C are Kolar’s innovative semi-lite .750 bore. Combined with extra long forcing cones and precise taper factory choke tubes, they provide maximum pattern efficiency and extremely low recoil characteristics. The gun is available with a matched weight carrier barrel and Kolar Max S/C inserts for sub gauge events.

The re-designed Stage II mechanical trigger is selectable and adjustable for trigger blade placement. It features a patented interlock to eliminate the possibility of fan firing. The all coil spring driven Stage II trigger features an enhanced hammer/sear configuration to insure precise trigger pull.

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