Krieghoff K-20 Shotguns

The K-20, the "little sister" to the K-80, was conceived and designed for the small gauge and casual sporting shooter, the three gauge skeet shooter, and those who shoot birds south of the border in mind. It is beautifully balanced and has quick handling, yet has enough weight to absorb recoil and swing smoothly, even at the end of a long day on the course or in the field.

The K-20 incorporated all of the technical refinements made in the K-80 over the years and shares all of it's technical features adapted to the smaller receiver. The most exciting feature, however, is not a new one but harks back to the Model 32 and early K-80's. The K-20 can be fit with 20, 28 and/or .410 gauge barrels to make a one, two or three barrel set for competition, bird shooting, or pure small bore enjoyment!

All barrels are either 30" or 32" and have the tapered flat sporting rib, 3" chambers and factory choke tubes. A limited selection of titanium choke tubes are available in 20 ga.

There are two stocks available for the K-20, the classic #3 Sporting/International Skeet stock and the new #9 Skeet/Field stock, which is slightly higher and with no Monte Carlo effect. All K-20s are fitted with a Schnabel forend and are delivered in a one, two, or three barrel aluminum case.

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