Krieghoff K-80 Barrels

duPONT/KRIEGHOFF boasts the largest inventory of new and pre-owned Kreighoff barrels with over 450 loose barrels in stock.  Not all of our current barrel inventory ise listed below so please contact a duPONT/KRIEGHOFF associate today for help finding your next K-80 barrel.  Email or call (800) 73-KGUNS.  We look forward to assiting you soon.

 New barrels that have not been fit to a gun include a free barrel fitting by Krieghoff International.
 Click here to see a list of pre-owned K-80 barrels in our inventory.

Essential to its performance, the barrels provide the K-80's legendary target breaking ability that enhance its swing and minimize recoil to make the K-80 a pleasure to shoot.  The design of the barrels is not the simplest, but each element of that design has a very specific purpose.

K-80 over-and-under barrels are built without side ribs, which, in combination with the ventilated top rib, allow barrel heat to dissipate quickly and reduce heat wave distortion.  Many shooters also notice the lack of side ribs enhances their swing be reducing weight and decreasing wind resistance.  In addition, the absence of the side rib makes it possible to adjust the point of impact of the bottom barrel, which is joined to the top barrel at the muzzle by a unique, numbered front hanger.  The front hangers provide different degrees of separation between the top and bottom barrels so the shooter is able to fine tune the point-of-impact of the bottom barrel by simply changing the front hanger.  There are nine different hangers available for fixed choke over-and-under barrels and six for choke tubed barrels.  K-80 skeet and sporting barrels arrive from the factory shooting flat in the bottom barrels.  Bottom trap barrels are set to pattern at 70% / 30%.  The top barrels are set to shoot to the same point-of-impact as the bottom barrel.

Always a leader in experimenting with internal barrel design, Krieghoff was the first company to deliver twelve gauge barrels from the factory with long forcing cones and larger-than-standard bore diameters.  These features play a critical part in the performance of the barrel both by producing more efficient patterns with fewer stray pellets and by reducing felt recoil.  Choke is equally critical in shotgunning of course and Krieghoff offers both fixed choke and choke tubed barrels for trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

K-80 over-and-under barrels are available in lengths ranging from 28" to 34" with a choice of several ventilated top ribs, some specifically designed for trap and others that are most suitable for skeet and sporting clays.  Each rib is designed to provide the best possible sighting plane for its intended use and to help lock your eye on the target. 


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